iON DashCam review

iON DashCam

iON DashCam review

Kinomap specialise in video based GPS tracking devices and they took the iON DashCam for a road test.

The DashCam is The Perfect Witness to any accident or incident. Continuous loop recording, automatic Start/Stop, 135° wide angle field of view and incident capture you are sure to never miss a thing.

Using the DashCam is so simple. All you need to do is take it out of the box, insert a SD card, stick it to your windscreen and plug it in to the power. Every time you turn the ignition on the camera powers up and it starts recording. The camera creates a new file every five minutes by default (can be changed) and once the card is full, the camera starts to record over the oldest clips. If however your camera detects a harsh impact it protects the clip from being recorded over, much like a black box in an airplane. Clips can be protected manually by tapping the protect clip button.

GPS data is stored with the clip so that if an incident were to occur, you would have the time, date, location and speed of the vehicle to which it was mounted. DashCam has a screen so you can watch back clips but the DashCam Wi-Fi connects to your smart phone and has a wonderful app which allows you to review the footage and share it on the internet.

We sent a few DashCam’s to KinoMap to test and here is what they had to say:

iON dashcam with kinomap usb charge bank«I really enjoyed using the DashCam and we have lots of recordings online which you can see here. Ergonomic design, video quality and a great mobile app make this a great product. This is really a great camera that also works well using an external power bank.

They are not so many GPS cameras left on the market no more Contour +2, leaving Sony and Garmin on their own. None of these can be powered while recording a video and the battery life on both offer no more than 2 hours.»

Learn more about the DashCam by clicking Here.


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